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This is the best game I've played in I don't how long 0_0 So awesome! Combat is so good and I love the pixel fx style - sound design is perfect as well. Looking forward to more of this game.

Hi, are you planning to work on Super Smash Bros like game ?


So good. Like really good.

Its the probably best fighting game I saw this year. it looks great, The characters are wonderful designed, the gameplay is smooth and the Super mario Eastereggg (the green pipe where you jump in) is awesome. Please do everyone a favor and turn it into a full game :-)


As an developer myself, this game is beyond me.
How the actual fuck did you manage to make this all by yourself in two months? I'm blown away. 


Hahah thanks!  Difficult question, I just had a pretty strong idea on what I wanted to do so didn't have to spend any time planning the project.  Also game-development just makes me happy so just building for 2 months straight doesn't feel that bad.


This game is amazing!!! I really enjoyed the story and gameplay kind of like Todd vs the Hellmeyer foundation but less serious definitely added a twist to the classic fighting game genre 

Thanks! Yeah tried taking the things people liked about the Todd-game and add it to this one. Glad you liked it!


This game is awesome! I replayed through the demo a few times just to see if there was anything I missed. I'll definitely keep my eyes on this and be sharing it with all my friends.


Thank you!! I'll add some secret stuff in the next update. Probably gonna fix some online high-score system for those who are intrested in that as well :)


As usual, the feel of the fights are just fantastic! It's nice to see some extra flair in the cutscenes too, they were plain ol' hilarious and paced about perfectly. The second fight was definitely the weaker of the two, as it was a lot more waiting and I felt a little more at the whim of the physics, but overall, it's a solid foundation! I'll be revisiting this when the full version releases!

Hey thanks again! And great feedback!

Thats a really good perspective on the Boat-King fight, kinda realized now that its a bit tedious if you dont know what to do, baiting out the attacks can be kinda slow. Intresting, the 3 like joke characters where more fun than the giant king mech!

You can wall-run up its leg though when he does that standard sword-into-the-ground move, a lot easier and you wind up right at his head! But yeah definately gonna make that fight more exciting it seems. At least the segway was fun, hehe.

Really impressed that you figured out the sign-throw into an air-attack! Probably the most fun move-combo you can do!

Yeah, gonna add some more combo-food enemies as filler matches, think Im gonna structure it like 2 filler matches then a boss and some neat story-missions in between as well.

You did a perfect voice for the E-Tier manager btw! Really glad the cutscenes were enjoyable, had to set up a pretty crazy game-universe so Im glad the cutscenes made it work!

Thanks again! Your feedback is super good since Im the only one play-testing, so I have no idea how others will experience it.